I want a movie about a guy who runs for president and wins but then suddenly realizes that he doesn’t want to be president, so he just starts doing ridiculous things all the time trying to get impeached, but it NEVER WORKS because they always miraculously end up being the right thing to do. Like, he declares war on Canada? Next day it turns out that Canada had secret plans to nuke Washington. he bans Doritos? Turns out they’re the number one cause of cancer and natural disasters. He sends his vice president to jail? Turns out the VP was a terrorist in disguise. He has 100% approval rating, most popular president ever.

I’ve decided that I want him to be played by Jeff Goldblum. 


Wagashi by bossacafez, barbery, ameirose


Hey, look! The newsies are ‘ere! They ain’t lying! They’re just improving the truth a little bit!


Goodali. 2011. Back from the past.

Photo by: Batkhuleg B.

Stylist: Bolortuya P.

Model: Baljidmaa Yu.


The most important question of the last decade has finally been answered



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